Become an Agent
There is a structured process for integrating a new agent into Vizo agent's community.

1. Prospect Phase
This phase is the first contact between Vizo and the potential agent.

2. Check-In Phase
The marketing team at Vizo collects information from the potential agents and sends it to the board. The board wants to make its work methods and values widely visible, in order to build sustainable and trustful relationships with its agents.

3. Pilot Phase
The process then continues, by analyzing the potential agent profile, financial data, its vision, its structure and its distribution strength. There will be visits by both parties to understand better each other's business. If agreed, the registration process starts and a trial order is put in place.

4. Operations Phase
The new agent begins to make orders. Performance indicators and sales reports are tracked frequently by the account executive in charge of the specific account. Vizo and the new agent then maintain the relationship by regularly sending sales reports. Professional meetings are held periodically to evaluate the performance and discuss improvements.


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